Old Wood, New Wood

December 18, 2011 Comments Off on Old Wood, New Wood

The pictures below show what has been occupying some of my free time as of late. Our house was built with beautiful 19th century old-growth Douglas-fir. It is remarkably tough stuff, but a few of the floor joists have sagged a little – including one that cracked – and need to be sistered in place. The irony, of course, is that we’ll be strengthening old, slow growth wood with new, fast growth, inferior wood. But unfortunately, that is the state of our current commercial lumber industry. After the work is done, though, we will have a more stable kitchen floor. The pertinent information as far as this blog is concerned is that I now have some important needed materials for my workbench build. The workbench top will be  those massive Douglas-fir beams on the floor (which have nothing to do with the joist repair job).



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