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January 12, 2012 § 2 Comments


It’s been on my list to buy some cut nails from Tremont Nail Company. A few months ago Kari Hultman (The Village Carpenter) blogged about the nail sample boards Tremont also sells. I picked up the less expensive card stock version with a recent order, and it will make a nice little addition to the shop. (A sample display with a wooden backdrop is also available.) It’s alleviated some confusion I had about the differences in the various nails. Except when comparing the fine finish nail and the common nail – even when holding them side by side I still can’t tell them apart.


Adam Cherubini has been talking up nailed furniture lately, and we should expect to see more from him in upcoming Popular Woodworking articles.

There are two types of woodworking blogs for me. With some, I see woodworkers happily (and sometimes frustratingly) churning along with the craft, taking two steps forward and one step back as they go along. I learn a lot from these blogs. And then there are those who build absolutely beautiful things that remind me of my elementary skills. I learn a lot from these blogs as well. Kari’s The Village Carpenter blog most definitely falls into the latter category, and it’s a great blog to frequent.

Kari shows a great way to antique your Tremont nails here (a technique courtesy Bob Rozaieski).


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