Get Woodworking Week 2012 – A Recap

February 12, 2012 Comments Off on Get Woodworking Week 2012 – A Recap

I think that Tom Iovino was happy with this inaugural Get Woodworking Week. I certainly enjoyed reading the blogs over the past week, and the response in general from woodworking blogs everywhere was terrific. It was great to see each blogger’s approach to a simple premise – that is to try and write some entries that would appeal to beginning or would-be woodworkers out there. I focused on the great American tradition of spending money-although personally I hate the runaway consumerism of our culture. Still, as long as we need special little pieces of paper to get some of the things we need, we have to give in sooner or later and buy something. I gave suggestions on what not to buy (take that, Bernanke), and what to consider when buying hand tools, as well as power tools. And when I ran out of time to write anything else enlightening I gave a primer on web slang.

I’ll leave the week with this thought. Whether you want to start woodworking as a hobby, or blacksmithing, or machining, or whatever – take some pride in what you do. If it’s woodworking, don’t try and simply replicate an IKEA piece of furniture. You can do better than that. Start small, and build your skills, but always try and make something that makes you proud. And if you make something truly unique that is both an expression of your artistic vision, as well as a fully functional piece, all the better. We all work better with motivation, and most of the time these inspirational nuggets are positive. But the things pictured below also inspire me. Every day I see these monstrosities – one of them on the bus going to (and coming back from) work, and the other while walking the dogs at night (both are in public spaces). Seeing these things each and every day inspires me to get better as a woodworker. Don’t get me wrong, I believe as much as anyone in using materials on hand, even if it’s leftover 2x material from a construction project. But that doesn’t mean taking this wood and simply nailing it together in some hideous fashion and calling it good. That’s not woodworking – it’s laziness. Whenever I think I’m taking too long on a project, or wonder whether I should add some small detail here or there, I see these “chairs” the very next day. And then I stop worrying.


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