New Use for a Router Table

February 18, 2012 Comments Off on New Use for a Router Table

Rockler does a brisk business in router tables. Many woodworkers buy them, but when I visit home woodshops I almost always see them being used as something else – usually stuff is just stacked on them. My girlfriend’s sister’s fiancé husband, Tim, has found a great way to repurpose one. Tim brews his own beer (a lot of beer) and he discovered that the cutout for the router plate was sized perfectly for his grain mill. In this case he uses a 2-roller Monster Mill with an 11 lb grain hopper. A low-speed, high torque drill powers the mill. Call it a nice marriage of two hobbies.

A nice introduction to home brewing is the book Beer Craft. It gets you started by brewing small batches of beer without a lot of specialized equipment. You run the risk of getting hooked, however, and finding yourself in a downward spiral of acquiring more and more gadgets and equipment – like any good hobby.


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