Painting the Sunflower

May 28, 2012 Comments Off on Painting the Sunflower

In non-woodworking news, this past weekend was the annual painting of the sunflower in our neighborhood. About 10 years ago a homeowner had the idea to resurrect (or perhaps invent) the naming of his intersection Sunnyside Piazza. As part of this coronation, he designed an elaborate street painting where the entire intersection would be painted in a sunflower motif. (Sunnyside is the name of the neighborhood, and the sunflower is part of its unofficial logo.) He cut through city red tape and made it happen, and each spring the neighborhood gets together and repaints it after a long winter of wear and tear. It’s a big effort to organize the event, and this year’s coordinator, Chip Rees, deserves a lot of credit for pulling it off. While we think of streets today as little more than a conduit for cars, they can be more than just plain, drab asphalt. Below are pictures of this year’s festivities.


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