Summer can be Tough on Hobbies

August 12, 2012 Comments Off on Summer can be Tough on Hobbies

Or I should say, summer can be tough for some hobbies. If your hobbies include traveling, yard work, fixing things in the house you keep putting off, cleaning gutters, and repairing the deck, then summer is a bonanza. Otherwise, time for your hobby gets ruthlessly diminished with each and every sunny day. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s even tougher because the summer days are so nice; it just doesn’t seem right to be spending them indoors. With regards to woodworking, if you could eliminate minimize some the “hobbies” listed above, you could set up a temporary outdoor shop for the summer and have the best of both worlds. One idea would be to have a shave horse and chopping block outside and you could use the summer to work on your shaving and carving skills – and replace some of those store-bought wooden spoons and bowls.

I’m currently in the midst of home improvement projects – some planned and some not. We came up with a list of things to do before it starts raining—typically mid- to late-October around here—and it was daunting. We’ve fully come to grips with the fact that we probably won’t make it to everything. Couple that list with a bit of travel, and it’s safe to say our weekends our largely booked for the next 3 months.

I do grab bits of time here and there, and the other day I built a couple of new bench hooks. Yes, bench hooks are what counts for woodworking these days.

And it’s never too late to start a new hobby. We recently broke open a bottle of our first home brew – a pale ale. Portland, Oregon is the craft/home brew capital of the world, so when in Rome…

One thing that helps free up some time – ditch your cable. Most of it is junk anyway, and even though you know it’s junk, you tend to watch anyway. It felt really good to drop off the cable box the other day. If you still need your TV show fix, consider a Roku box or something similar, and then subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. The Roku box is a one-time purchase and the streaming services are each less than $10 a month.

If you’ve noticed some woodworking blogs go a little longer between posts in the summer, you aren’t imagining things. In a similar vein as I described above, Adam Cherubini recently wrote about his own lack of free time. He seems to get more done than me, however.


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