Shop Stool Build(off)

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85-SSBO 001

Pieces for the shop stool – CVG Douglas-fir and cherry

A while back Chris Wong posted a rather innocuous entry on his blog about building a new shop stool. He was planning on just building something simple in one day, and a few other woodworkers would join him and also build their own versions. He invited anyone else to join in and share their builds using whichever social media avenue they choose. Well, the whole thing took off from there. There are over 80 people signed on to build a stool. And now there are prizes, side bets, judges – careful what you wish for in this day and age of instant global communication.

I’ll be participating, but I’m not intending to break through with an awe-inspiring original design. I intend to just build a simple, useful stool for the shop, and to see if I can complete the build in a day. I’ve built a few stools in the shape and look from the Kam Wah Chung Heritage site stool collection. There is one from that collection that is different than all the rest in that it has a small step on one side instead of the simple, narrow lower foot rests (see pictures below). That unique stool is also taller than the rest, and was likely Ing “Doc” Hay’s chair when he was behind the counter at the apothecary shop. I’ll need a taller stool when I build one of my future (or is it hypothetical or mythical?) workbenches. (I plan to build two woodworking benches – one taller and one shorter). So, another Kam Wah Chung stool it is. I’ll change the dimensions a little, and I’ll angle the legs in slightly to make it a little more stable and visually attractive. But all in all, the design works for me.


A stool in white oak.

kwc stool 014

A stool in walnut.


A taller stool at the Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site in John Day, OR.


This should make a good shop stool.
(Photo courtesy the Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site)

The shop stool build is tomorrow, Saturday, January 25. For anyone not signed up, there is still time – just head to Chris’ web site here. And even if you don’t sign up, perhaps you can make this Saturday a day to challenge yourself to build a simple and useful item in just a day (or two).

I’ll be posting updates and pictures through my horribly neglected Twitter account – @ebushee. The hashtag for the event is #SSBO so you can search on that and see what everyone is doing. Although I’ve posted at least one thing to that hashtag and it doesn’t show up on a search. Oh well. I’ll post a synopsis on this blog sometime next week. I do have to cut out a little early on Saturday to attend a company holiday party, and I will be using that as a preemptive excuse for not completing the stool in a day. And like many of those participating, I’ve tried to do some prep work beforehand. Unfortunately I’m not as far along as I hoped, so for me this project will certainly extend into Sunday.


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