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If you would like to buy any of the tools below, shoot me a message in the Contact Us page to the left (in the Menu section on mobile devices). Include your address and I’ll mail things off as soon as I can. I’ll contact you to confirm before I send anything. First come, first serve, and I’ll try to update them as SOLD as soon as I can, but I’m not going to be as fast as those who do this for a living.

Selling tools is not something I will do often, but I would rather tools get used than sit in my basement gathering dust. All prices below include shipping. If you would like more than one item, I’ll get back to you if I can make the price a little cheaper than just adding them together. I can do PayPal or a check, and I will send a receipt with the tool(s). No need to pay until you’ve received the item and are happy with it. Unfortunately I can only ship domestically, although if you live in Canada let me know.

There are also some “free” items below. I put “free” in quotes, because I only ask that you pay for shipping. If you want them to be truly free, there are two ways you can do this. You can pick them up locally in Portland, Oregon. Or if you buy something else and want any of those items thrown in, let me know and I’ll either ship them with the other items, or ship them separately for free.




Vintage R. Groves 1/2″ chisel – $10

This is a small 1/2″ chisel with a nice mahogany handle. The handle has a chip taken out near the brass ferrule which actually makes a nice place to put your finger. The chisel has seen plenty of use (before it got to me) as the chisel is getting pretty short. Total length = 8.75″. The back has been lapped flat.






Vintage Shapleigh Diamond Edge 1/2″ wide Paring Chisel – $8

A nice long paring socket paring chisel with a total length of 8.25″. No handle. The back has been lapped flat but the bevel still needs a little work. Should be good, vintage steel that will sharpen up nicely.







FS1 017

Norton 220 Waterstone- $6

This is Norton’s coarsest grit stone. Cuts pretty fast, OK feel, needs a lot of water, and dishes early and often. Like most coarse waterstones, it needs to be dressed flat regularly. But it is a serviceable alternative to a grinder when you have to fall way back on the grit scale to get a nick out of a blade. There are a lot of waterstone options out there, and Nortons are still regarded as good, everyday stones. Will arrive clean and flat. Size – 8″ x 3″ x 1″. Purchased from a local tool vendor. Tools for Working Wood has these for $29 new.



All items below are “Free”, only shipping charges apply.


Bucks Bros 1″ chisel – $4

This is the Bucks Brothers chisels you find at Home Depot. The handle is made from some kind of indestructible plastic and fitted with a steel cap. Almost unbreakable. The back of the chisel has been lapped flat, and the bevel will arrive in good condition. These are classic beater chisels that you won’t feel bad about abusing. The steel isn’t the greatest, and it doesn’t hold an edge for a long time, but you would expect that in a chisel at this price point. I’ve used this quite a bit so the handle shows some definite signs of wear. Made in USA.




FS3- 010

2 1/8″ Bench Plane Iron – $3

This iron came from a transitional plane that couldn’t be salvaged. It’s an unusual size, and one that isn’t commonly found. If you have a plane body that needs a 2 1/8″ iron, this one might work. The back of the iron has some pitting. Some aggressive lapping might be able to remove a good portion of it. The blade is cambered for use as a jack plane, and with the condition of the iron that just might be its best use. More pictures are below. I’ll bubble wrap this, stick it into a padded envelope, and ship it to you for $3.

FS3- 011

FS3- 014

FS3- 015



FS1 016

Norton Flattening Stone – $9

This is the much reviled Norton flattening stone. I’m not sure anything in the sharpening world has generated as much flak as this thing. It does, however, do what it is supposed to do – flatten your waterstones. The catch is that it also needs flattening from time to time as it’s basically just a coarse stone. To flatten it, I would recommend just going out and doing that on the sidewalk or on a cinder block if you have one lying around. For just a few bucks in shipping here is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Will arrive clean and flat. Size – 9″ x 3″ x 3/4″. Purchased from Tools for Working Wood.



FS1 012

FS1 013

The New Yankee Workshop – Workshop Helpers Plans – SOLD

I have no idea why I bought these. Plans only, no DVD. New condition. Purchased from The New Yankee Workshop website.


FS1 028

Lee Valley Rolling Cabinet Plans – $4

This is the rolling cabinet plan from Lee Valley that would look substantially more classy in my shop than the ubiquitous mechanics steel rolling tool chest I instead plan to purchase (there is only so much time and you can’t build everything). Plans are full-sized and in like new condition.

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